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Dear visitor to our Web Page.

House of Learning – Liceo San Benito gives you a warm welcome, and invites you to know our educational community. At House of Learning we invest in the development of our children today to provide them with the foundation for a bright tomorrow.

Our Vision and Mission are our standard , and guide the dedication of the teaching faculty in the integral preparation of the student. In their education we encourage basic and determinant values, according to the requirements of our current society.

We are very proud of our students and ex- students, leader citizens of strong values and academic excellence. We invite you to be part of this way of triumph.

Academic excellence is the tradition of House of Learning as it prepares students for success in a bilingual and multicultural world. ¡This is our mission and vision… this is our commitment!

Lic. Ada Marina de Castillo

More than 40 years is our calling card. We serve children from 1 year and a half. We have the levels of pre-school, primary and secondary. Our modern facilities are located in an exclusive area, Colonia San Benito in San Salvador.

We provide with a safe infrastructure, comfortable, spacious and well ventilated classrooms, and all of this arranged in a pleasant studying atmosphere.

House of Learning teaches a bilingual English – Spanish education through the development of strategies that will give as a result a wide dominion of both languages to the students, backed up by didactic material and textbooks published in the United States and counting with a selected teaching faculty with high experience in the branch.
House of Learning is a complete educational program starting from nursery through high school.
The main curriculum of the school is taught in English and, the same as the academic program, it attends excellent standards of education that includes the requirements of Ministerio de Educacion of El Salvador.

Our teaching faculty are professionals devoted to education and interested in research, and professional update, capable to integrate in their classes joy, humor, sensibility, the appropriate elements in children activities.